Union County Soil and Water Conservation District  

In 1937, the Florida Legislature enacted Chapter 582, Florida Statutes (F.S.), Soil and Water Conservation. The legislation established a state and local partnership with the federal government to protect and restore soil and water resources, and to assist private land owners landowners in using conservation practices. This partnership has worked for more than seventy years to address serious issues with regard to soil erosion, flood damage, and water quality. The vehicles for this partnership are the Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), which have statutory authorities ranging from project demonstration to land use regulation. Since the inception of Chapter 582, Florida has established other state and regional government agencies to manage and protect our land and water resources, and to regulate water supply, water quality and flood control. These agencies are the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Five Water Management Districts (WMDs) and the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). Each department has broad authority and responsibilities that are similar to those outlined in the Soil and Conservation law.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Soil and water conservation districts were originally organized, for the most part, within county boundaries by landowner petition based on need for soil and water conservation and in the interest of pubic health, safety, and welfare.  A soil and water conservation district so organized constitutes a governmental subdivision of the State of Florida.

Contact Information:

Laurel Schaafsma, Chair

(386) 496-2321



Mailing Address:

25 NE 1st Street

Lake Butler, FL 32054


General Financial Information:

Fiscal year starting October 1

Tentative budget - $3000

Final adopted budget - $1500


Florida Department of Financial Services


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