Union County Comp Plan Amendments – Documents

CPA 17-02 Revised Attachment A
CPA 17-02 – Staff Report

Union County CPA – Attachment B Files:
Alachua County Data & Analysis for Conservation & Open Space Element
Water Resources Data of Alachua, Bradford, Clay and Union Counties, Florida
Influrence of Wetlands on Streamflow in Illinois
Multiple Demands on Wetlands
Florida Springs Strategies for Protections and Restoration
Riparian Wetlands and Water Quality
Evaluating Cumulative Effects on New England Wetlands
Nutrient Dynamics in an Aguicultural Watershed
Effect of Forested Wetlands on Nitrate Concentration in Ground Water and Surface Water
Ecological Function and Human Values in Wetlands
Mechanisms Controlling Phosphorus Retention Capacity in freshwater Wetlands
Hydrogeolgical Units of Florida
Phosphorus Retention in Non-Tidal Palustrine Forested Wetlands of the Mid-Atlantic Region
Impacts of Freshwater Wetlands on Water Quality
Setting Buffer Sizes for Wetlands
Tomoka River and Spruce Creeek Riparian Habitat Protection Zone
Buffer Zones for Water Wetlands and Wildlife in East Central Florida
Econlockhatchee River Basin Natural Resources Development and Protection Plan
The Value of Wetlands in Low Relief Landscapes
An Evaluation of the Applicability of Upland Buffers For the Wetlands of the Wekiva Basin
Riverine Forests of the South Prong Alafia River System
Effect of Forest Management Practices on Southern Forested Wetlands
Wetlands Losses In the United States 1780s to 1980s
Wetland Retention of Lead from a Hazardous Waste Site
Changes in the Functioning of Wetlands Along Environmental Gradients
Multiple Demands on Wetlands
Importance of Landscape Heterogeneity to Wood Storks in the Florida Everglades
Wetlands and Aquatic Process
Trace and Toxic Metals in Wetlands
Aquatic Ecosystems
The Nature of Cumulative Impacts on Biotic Diversity of Wetlands Vertebrates
Cumulative Impacts on Water Quality Functions of Wetlands
Sediment and Trace Element Trapping in a Forested Wetalnd, Chickahominy River Virgina
Calculating Buffer Zone Width for Protection of Wetlands & Other Environmentally Sensitive Lands
Soil Survey of Union County, Florida
Sediment and Nutrient Retention by Freshwater Wetlands Effects on Surface Water Quality
Protecting America’s Wetlands
Cumulative Impact Consideration in Environmetal Permitting is Flawed
Preparing for an Uncertain Climate
Uranium and Other elements in Colorado Rocky Mountain Wetlands
Nutrient Dynamics in an Agricultural Watershed
The Chemistry of Submerged Soils
Sinks for trace Metals, Nutrients and Sediments in Wetlands of the Chickahominy River
Effect of Land Devleopment & Forest Management on Hydrologic Response in SE Coastal Wetlands
Soil Survey of Alachua County, Florida
Effects of Forest Management on Surface Water Quality in Wetland Forests
Oxidation of the Rood Zone by Aquatic Plants Growing in Grafel Nutrient Solution Culture
Waterborne Nutrient Flow Through an Upland-Peatland Watershed in Minnesota
Water Quality
A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Cumulative Impacts on the Hydrology of Nontidal Wetlands
Guide to the Natural Communities
Rare and Endangered Biiota of Florida
No Park is an Island
Oval Pigtoe Recovery Plan
Oval Pigtoe_Federal Register
Water and Wetland Natural Resources Protection Support Documents List